Inspiring Bathrooms

jared rice 408402 unsplash 300x200If you are not someone that likes wall décor this is just the thing for you, instead of placing towel rails on the wall make your own. A standing towel rail is simple yet it could add some extra touches to your bathroom. This is a great idea especially if you change the look of your bathroom on a regular basis. This could add splashes of colour or it could just have a wooden finish.

You see with #Panache Water based High gloss this is made easy, you can change the colour as often as you feel like it. All you have to do is wash the surface with some sugar soap and a scotch-bride pad and away we go with our different colour. If it was varnished before we need to place one coat #Panache universal undercoat and then two coats of our #Panache water based high gloss.


You would require:

New:  Panache Wood primer white

Old:  Panache Universal Undercoat white

Panache Water Based High Gloss (choice of colour)


Scotch-bride pad

Sugar soap

Sandpaper 100grid (to smooth the wood out before we paint)

Drop sheet


Why Water based High Gloss:

Water-based Enamel is Non-Yellowing with a luxurious low gloss finish, ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, trims, doors and window frames that does not chalk or yellow over time. It is safe to the environment as it does not contain lead and has a very low Volatile organic compound.(VOC) The beneficial characteristics of such paints include low odour, clean air, and safer technology, as well as excellent durability and a washable finish.

Happy Painting!