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May 2021


Woodworking Basics for Beginners: How to Get Started Building with Wood.

If your wife asks for it, you build it, unless you are a wife because women can build too!

Fancy a DIY drawer or cupboard? If your answer was yes, then you need to follow this easy beginner guide on how to get started to build with wood.

WoodworkIf you are new to woodworking, there are some very important things to know as a beginner. Many people who start woodworking often struggle so this guide of the woodworking basics for beginners will help you avoid all the possible pitfalls new woodworking beginners can face.

This guide to woodworking for beginners will help you get on the fast track to building your own furniture and making home repairs in no time!

The first thing you should remember as a new woodworker is that everybody had to start somewhere. Most people do not become master carpenters the first time they pick up a hammer. It can be easy to feel discouraged at first, but with some practice you will soon be building things you never thought would be possible.

Like most hobbies or even professions, the more time you put into learning the basics and practicing the skills, the better results you will see.

Here are 10 Wood Working Basics Beginner Woodworkers Should Know When Getting Started:

  1. Know Your Wood: Understanding Lumber and Types of Wood for Building
  2. Set up a Dedicated Workspace
  3. Respect the Tools and Practice Woodworking Safety
  4. Learn the Different Types of Tools and Their Uses
  5. Start with a Project & Learn to Read Woodworking Plans
  6. Understand the Woodworking Process
  7. Master the Cut: How to Measure and Cut Wood Accurately
  8. Learn How to Assemble and Join Wood
  9. Protect Your Creations: Best Practices for Sanding & Finishing Wood
  10. Clean Up the Mess and enjoy the sight of your new creation!

While every woodworker has their own workflow and way of doing things, most generally follow these steps when building a project:

• Choose a Project and Gather Supplies & Materials
• Make a Cut List
• Review the Build Strategy
• Measure & Cut the Wood
• Assemble the Wood
• Apply a Protective Finish to the Wood AND you are done!

Who wood have thought that wood work wood be THIS easy? 😊