DIY Advice: Children’s Bedrooms

childrens bedrooms

Children love their bedrooms, it is the place where they play, sleep and entertain their friends, real and imaginary. Whether you’re sprucing up your tot’s room, or preparing a nursery for your impending new arrival, we have some great DIY tips and painting advice to help you turn their room into their favourite part of the house!


A new coat of paint easily transforms a room. Chat with your little one, if they are old enough, and find out which colours they would like to feature in their room. Varying shades of blue work well in a little boy’s room, and you can even get creative with masking tape and paint strips of navy blue to emulate a nautical theme. Little girls will enjoy most pastel colours, perhaps with a more striking trim. If you are painting for a nurseryyou don’t need to be gender-specific in your colour choices. The trend lately is to make use of cool colours in the form of whites, pale blues and greens, yellows and even grey, complemented with splashes of colour in your décor.

Get creative

Chalkboard paint can also be an amazing feature in a child’s bedroom, giving them an entire wall space on which to draw – and this can help stop them from creating a masterpiece with kokis on the walls in the living room! Get creative in your little one’s room, perhaps painting a blue sky with sponged-on fluffy white clouds on their ceiling. If your little one wants to gaze at the stars, you can paint them a beautiful night’s sky with black paint dotted with stars using our Glow-in-the-Dark paint. There are various other ways to get creative with painting techniques, from sponging and colour washing to cool stencils and wall art.


Creating storage space in your child’s room is very important for creating a neat-ish (they are young after all) and fairly orderly space. Install sturdy floating shelves for storing small stuffed toys and knick knacks. If you’re up to using your DIY skills, you can even buy some wood and build a special box just for your tot; something beautiful and handy to perhaps pass down to their own kids.


Get that drill out and hook up a mosquito net over your child’s bed. This creates a beautiful ‘princess-bed’ feel for little Queens-in-the-making or a safari/adventurer sleep sanctuary for your little gentleman.

A small table next to their bed with a nightlight will create a cosy atmosphere for nightmare-free nights, and a low, easy-to-access bookshelf that will work fantastically for storing books and other toys that need to be on hand.

Get your little one involved in the decorating of their bedroom! If you are stencilling on murals or using the sponging technique, this is something that they can easily be taught. And you can simply paint another layer over it if their Van Gogh attempts land up looking more like a skewed Picasso. Sometimes all a room needs to be transformed is a new lick of paint; and this transformation is only enhanced if you bring new life to the bedroom’s furniture with paint. Don’t forget to include a snug reading corner in their room, with a comfy sofa or bean bags. A cosy reading area means more reading!

If you’re going to redecorate, put on your DIY hat and pop down to your nearest Jack’s Paint & Hardware store to create your little one’s mini-paradise.