Winter Work in the Garden

Winter Work in the Garden

With less maintenance required in general gardening in the winter months, it’s the perfect time for homeowners to catch up with other small jobs in and around the home and garden.

Clean Up.
Before the summer rains starts and you can hear the grass growing, take the lawnmower in for a service and get new, sharp blades. Clean and oil all your tools, replacing those that are past their best working years. Now is the time to sort out your garage and garden shed so you are ready for the busy spring months ahead of you.

Wood Work.
Your wooden outdoor furniture and decking needs to be maintained on a yearly basis. Begin by sanding down and then sealing or waxing the wood in order to both feed the wood and provide a waterproof barrier. Modern products include a UV protection to make wooden furniture last longer if left exposed to strong sunlight.

Perfectly Painted.
No matter what it is, a new coat of paint will do wonders for it. Patio furniture, walls, trellis work and cement or asbestos planters will all enjoy a new lease on life with a fresh coat of paint. The surface must be prepared by sanding lightly and then wiping clean, making sure items are dry and free of dust before painting with either acrylic or enamel depending on what the painted surface is being used for. Repainting planters is a cheap and easy solution to brightening up your patio or entrance area in an instant. You can now even revamp those old fashioned plastic planters and patio furniture. Refer to our article “Fantastic Plastic” to learn more about the modern advances in painting on plastic.

Gone to Pot.
Repotting those freshly painted containers with bright, beautiful spring flowers will make all your hard work worthwhile. Empty out all plants that have been in their containers for longer than a year or that have become pot bound. They will thank you for your effort by sending out new shoots and pretty flowers in the spring. Give them an attractive and effective mulch with bark chips, shells or pebbles to complete their new look.

Water, Water Everywhere.
This slower winter months are the perfect time to tackle the cleaning out and repairing of water features, pumps and filters. If you have a swimming pool that needs attention, get to the repairs now before the weather heats up and everyone is nagging to get into the pool. We may be cold now but the mid summer heat will be upon us before we know it!

Pebbles and Stones.
Another winter chore to be done is the tidying up of pathways and renewing of graveled areas. Gravel is one of the least expensive path materials available. It feels relatively soft underfoot, but it’s solid enough to handle a fair amount of traffic – including a loaded wheelbarrow. If you want a more formal look, simply adding a flagstone border immediately makes your pathway more stylish. Lay down a good weed guard first to minimize those annoying weeds from creeping up between you pretty pebbles.

Walkways and Driveways.
If you have a pressure cleaner, this is the time to get all the paving around your home looking fresh and new. Give it all a good clean, looking out for any loose joints that will need to be repaired or reinforced while you are busy. A bag of ready mix cement is often all you need to purchase for these little paving repairs.
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