Using your left over Roof Acrylic

Using your left over Roof Acrylic

Every time we are done painting our roofs we have no idea of what to do with the left over roof paint, as we leave it in the garage it gets air and really starts smelling. Not so nice. So here is an idea, paint your gutters, down pipes or even your garden pots with it.

Here is how?

When wanting to paint your gutters and downpipes, insure the surface is clean and has no loose or flaking paint.  If there is any, remove with scraper and sand smooth. We simply apply one coat Panache universal undercoat, leave surface to dry for 16 hours. And so there we go, apply 2 coats of your left over Panache Roof acrylic to well prepared gutters and downpipes.

Garden pots can in so many ways add a bit of fun to your garden.  How you ask?  We say paint them! With terracotta and cementations garden pots we need to remember to seal them on the inside before we paint the outside.  Here we use a Flash Harry shower sealer on small pots, and on large pots we would use Flash Harry Fibre flex.  By doing this we seal the inside and as the product allows ponding it will not harm the paint outside. With this done, apply one coat Panache plaster primer, leave to dry for 16 hours, and then again apply two coats of your left over Panache Roof acrylic.

Left over paint is now a problem of the past. Happy Painting